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The Cows Are Going To Auction!
The Charity Auction benefitting the Special Olympics Romania was hosted by Mihaela Radulescu on September 12 at The National Theater following the Nigel Kennedy concert, and was conducted by Alexandru Ghildus of the MONAVISSA Auction House.

Over 40,000 euro were raised for Special Olympics Romania. Perfect Ten, signed by Nadia Comaneci, sold for 6,000 euro.

Bucharest is not the same with herds of decorated cows stampeding through the city! Let loose the child in you, and, no matter your age, join us at the world's largest public art event taking place for the first time in Eastern Europe!

How now brown cow?
Local and international artists did paint, sculpt, draw, smartly attire and re-engineer these placid creatures into forms never before seen. Bucharest became one of only 25 cities that have hosted CowParades around the world. Between 1 June and late September 2005, we expect to see 50 bovine beauties on our streets and in our parks. With the enthusiastic support of Bucharest city officials, our colorful, creative and crafty creatures will charm their way into your hearts. The team at Event Horizon, the official organizers of CowParade Bucharest 2005, say Join the Moo-vement!

What, Where, When?
Don't miss any of the exciting events during CowParade Bucharest 2005! Click Here for the latest schedule of events.
Contact person: Andreea Filip, Events Coordinator
Email, tel +40 720 722 075

General Event Information - CowParade Bucharest 2005

str D I Mendeleev no 37
etaj 2 apt 5 sector 1
010363 Bucharest Romania
tel +40.21.310.6383
fax +40.21.310.6385

Let me Win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.
The motto of Special Olympics is globally known. But not in Romania. Special Olympics Romania, the official charity of CowParade Bucharest 2005, will benefit from proceeds raised at the cow auction that will occur in September, as well as from the exposure and the publicity of CowParade. These special athletes with intellectual disabilities enjoy the athletic training, the socialization and the team spirit created by this very special organization.


Auction Information
Auction Registration Forms
12 September: CowParade Bucharest 2005 Charity Auction
National Theatre, Liviu Rebreanu Hall, local time 20.00
13 September: Cows go shopping to Plaza Romania
Say farewell to our colorful herd!

Bucharest News
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